The Razor's Edge by W Somerset Maugham

The Razor's Edge by W Somerset Maugham

Author:W Somerset Maugham [W Somerset Maugham]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781407016542
Publisher: Random House

'Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen.'

The words fell, slow, slow, slow, like drops of water in a basin from a defective tap. Gray's arm rose, rose, till his hand was above his head, and as Larry reached the number he had said it fell of its own weight on to the arm of the chair.

'I didn't lift my arm,' said Gray. 'I couldn't help its rising like that. It did it of its own accord.'

Larry faintly smiled.

'It's of no consequence. I thought it might give you confidence in me. Where's that Greek coin?'

I gave it to him.


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