The Reindeer's Mother's Day Mistake (Reindeer Holidays Book 4) by Price E A

The Reindeer's Mother's Day Mistake (Reindeer Holidays Book 4) by Price E A

Author:Price, E A [Price, E A]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Published: 2018-06-09T16:00:00+00:00


“You really didn’t need to drive me home,” said Maris, chewing on her plump bottom lip.

“It’s no problem,” murmured Clay, trying to pretend his eyes weren’t glued to said plump bottom lip.

Maris stared out the window at her front door. She was about to get out, to make her escape. She hadn’t been happy when he insisted on driving her. George was supposed to give her a ride home but had been caught up at work. Rather than take a cab, Clay drove Marla home and was now dropping Maris at her home. If Marla thought it odd that he insisted on driving her home first, even though Maris was closer and he would have to double back to get Maris home second, she didn’t comment; she was just grateful and as bubbly as ever.

“Well, thanks, I’ll…”

“Has that guy been bothering you?” blurted Clay.

Maris frowned at him. “You mean Jason?”

Of course, he meant Jason! Clay almost exploded but managed to maintain control of his temper. Both he and his beast had been unhappy to see the male at the restaurant, leering at Maris like she was a piece of meat. The idea that Maris welcomed his attention was intolerable.

“Yes,” he replied with razor-sharp calmness.

“He’s tried calling me a few times,” she said vaguely. “I’m not interested in him.”

“He’s young, successful…” he admitted distastefully.

“He’s a sleaze,” snapped Maris, giving him a look of irritation.

“That too,” he agreed a little more happily. “I haven’t seen you much recently.”



“Oh, Clay,” she sighed, “if we’re going to bang this drum again at least let’s go inside my house. I feel silly sitting in the car. Come on; I promise you’ll be safe from my debatable charms.”


Maris peered into her refrigerator, wishing she had planned ahead and actually bought groceries.

“Okay, I have one can of fruit punch, half a bottle of fizzy water – but that’s been there a while, so the fizz has probably gone – and I think I have some cranberry tea bags somewhere. Also, there’s water from the faucet, if none of the others take your fancy.”

“So hard to choose,” he murmured lightheartedly.

She closed the refrigerator and placed the fruit punch on the counter.

“I didn’t expect to have visitors, and I haven’t been shopping yet.”

Maris opened the can, took a swig and handed it over to Clay. He took a drink and handed it back.

“Fruity,” he muttered.

“Clay…” she started and then stopped. She didn’t know what he wanted to say – surely he had already made his position clear the night of their ill-attempted date.

He looked at her expectantly, and she shook her head. “I’ve changed my mind, you start.”

“I wanted to say I was sorry for what happened.”

“You already apologized, you don’t need to do it again.” She didn’t want to hear it again either.

Maris took another drink and placed the can on the worktop, pushing it toward him with her fingertips.

He took a sip. “I can’t mate again; I promised Crystal.”

“Clay, is it that you don’t want to mate


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