The Reindeer's Secret Santa Gift by Price E A

The Reindeer's Secret Santa Gift by Price E A

Author:Price, E A [Price, E A]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Published: 2018-01-13T16:00:00+00:00


“Ooh, they are a little close together. In fact, three decorations should not be on the same branch.”

Mira tut-tutted and she started undoing Branch’s handiwork.

“He’s just not used to decorating Christmas trees,” teased Ariel. “He usually works late every year so he can avoid this.”

Branch grumbled under his breath. Mira smiled at him and set about finishing their tree. It was fifteen feet tall and required lots of support to keep it steady. They were decorating it along with Branch’s uncle and sister. But Uncle Clay was less use than Branch, and Ariel seemed a little distracted – her eyes wandered over to the door every few moments as if she were expecting someone to come through it. Mira didn’t really mind – she loved decorating. The only downside to decorating was the need to take everything down when Christmas was over.

While Ariel was distracted, Uncle Clay just seemed actually to be watching Mira. Honestly, it was getting a little weird. She tried smiling at him, but he just gave her a strange look.

Herd members came in and out, giving a little bow to Branch and saying hello to Mira. They seemed positively excited to see them both. She wondered if they were always this pleased to see their Alpha. Honestly, she wasn’t sure. She’d read her romances, sure, but she wasn’t sure what was based on fact and what was pure fiction. Maybe the people who wrote them really had close encounters of the sexy kind with shifters! That would be awesome. Or maybe they were just using their imaginations. She had tried to look up shifters on the internet, but she couldn’t find anything useful.

Clay cleared his throat. “So, the mating is set for Christmas Eve.”

Branch nodded, but Mira let out an almost hysterical giggle as butterflies crashed into one another in her stomach. It was fine – she would be fine. She was just glad she had a little more time to let it sink in fully.

“In less than two weeks, you’ll be mated and living together,” continued Clay.

Branch shrugged, but Mira swallowed and licked her lips a little anxiously. She had agreed to it; she knew it was coming – she was just a little girlishly nervous about living with Branch. Would their rooms be next door to each other? Would they share the same bathroom? Was there any chance she’d run into him naked? She kind of hoped so.

“You are sure about this, Alpha?” asked Clay.

“Of course, I’m sure,” snapped Branch, his face nearly thunderous.

Though that may be because his beautiful work suit was now covered in pine needles from the tree and glitter from the decorations – and neither of those things seemed to want to leave him.

“Yep,” squeaked Mira in agreement.

Clay’s expression looked almost suspicious. Uh oh. Did he know they were just faking? Did he suspect? No, he couldn’t, if he did it would have dire consequences with something called the Shifter Council – only Branch didn’t use the word dire when he was telling her that.


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