The Tale of the Alerion by unknow

The Tale of the Alerion by unknow

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It is certainly quite true

that it cost me grief and pain

2955 to win and artfully acquire

the alerion that I sought,

but I lost it very quickly,

and was completely lost myself:

she was lost and that was that.

2060 But I was in such misery

that I might easily have died,

except that my friends helped me find

Good Love, and he referred me to

When I had lost the alerion, Love referred me to Good Counsel, who advised me to search for another bird again.

Good Counsel, who advised me thus:

2965 ‘Friend, you loved wholeheartedly

the noble, worthy sparrowhawk.

You lost her, that’s beyond a doubt,

through the moulting of her nature.

Now you’ve lost the alerion;

2970 don’t lose heart because of this,

but carefully take thought about

where you might find another one;

as soon as you’re in the right place,

you’ll surely find salvation there.’

2975 I trusted in Good Counsel’s words,

and acted wisely, I am sure,

for I went just where he had said,

for there Good Counsel led my heart.

Love, who gives guidance to good men,

2980 came on the path I went along,

I took the path he advised, and Love came with me, saying:

and kept me such good company

as he accompanied me there,

he never left my side at all,

and condescended to me so

2985 that he began to chastise me

to keep out error from my heart

by his good teaching: ‘Friend, you lost

the sparrowhawk; and thus your heart

had to endure pain and despair,

2990 and I blamed you for such folly.

It’s true: and you believed me well,

so that your grief completely passed.

You know more than you used to know

when you lost the sparrowhawk:

2995 now put your wisdom to good use

and let your conscience be at rest,

banishing all doubts from it.

You must learn, once and for all,

that if you lose something you prize,

3000 you should be wise and skilful too,

so that you can, by working well,

‘When you lose something you prize, you must work to get it back – or something as good.

recover fully all you’ve lost,

or something that’s equivalent.

You cannot fail if you do this.

3005 Take things when the time is ripe!

What I advise, then, you must do,

or such great grief will come to you

that you cannot sustain it all,

grief that is so overwhelming

3010 you will never shake it from you.

Be bold enough to turn your thoughts

in compliance with my order.

If you should lose, I’ll make amends.

Now hear the words I wish to say:

3015 if any fine bird pleases you,

however noble she may be,

you must not fear that you will fail

for not deserving her enough.

If you have a desiring heart,

3020 one always filled with good intent,

you will deserve her well enough.

You need not pay attention to

this fear. I’ll say no more of it.

Think of what you have to gain;

Do not fear failure, but trust in Hope and Love.’

3025 turn your attention to Good Hope,

and pay heed to my great power,

which will allow you to rejoice

and to take joy in owning her.’

When I had heard Good Love’s advice

3030 I did not wait at all, but at

the bidding of my counsellor

I took the better of two paths

and left behind


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