Warrior Class - Sky Cutter by S.L. Kassidy

Warrior Class - Sky Cutter by S.L. Kassidy

Author:S.L. Kassidy
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: conquering of an empire, swordswomen warriors, ancient history, horsewoman military leader, lesbian romance
Publisher: Desert Palm Press


“Sir, it’s a day of peace right now, but if you don’t put those lions and tigers in their proper place, peace is going to have to be put on hold,” Ashni said to the giant who dared to use big cats for pointless frivolity.

“I have permission from King Amal to run this show. I’m with his personal entourage,” the giant replied.

“Sir, you do realize you’re currently in Queen Ashni’s realm and in her courtyard, yes?” Adira asked with an arched eyebrow. While her tone suggested ‘moron,’ she left that part unsaid. He was probably the only one unaware of what he was.

“I still have royal permission,” he said.

Ashni narrowed her gaze at him. This was Amal attempting to get under her skin, she knew, but it was also a way to get her in trouble with their mother. The Festival of the Moon was a time of peace and Ashni’s instinctive way to solve this type of problem was with violence. To do violence on the Festival of the Moon was like spitting in the Empress’ face. On any other day, Ashni would tempt fate, but not on this important holiday.

“Yes, dear sister, he does have royal permission,” Amal said, slinking in to see what disorder he wrought. She wouldn’t give him the pleasure of seeing her betray their mother with violence, but she would enjoy wiping the smug look off his face.

“Yes, he has royal permission from you, a member of the Wolf guild. I shouldn’t be surprised. The Order of the Wolf coming out during the Festival of the Moon makes sense as they howl and disturb the hunt of others.” Ashni would need more wine after this. Amal ruined her buzz. She’d ruin his night to repay him.

Amal beamed as though he had been complimented. He stood up a little taller. “The Festival was practically made for us, yes.”

“I know. Such a delight, except that lions hunt at night as well. The Moon isn’t yours and the Empire doesn’t bend to your will. There are laws we must all respect. Now, there’s a problem with your cats,” Ashni said.

“Yes, you’re causing the problem,” he answered.

“No, the problem is that any big cats in Khenshu have to be taken directly to the cirque. It’s city law and we all know no one in the Empire is immune to the law,” Adira said.

Amal blinked. “Excuse me?”

“Yes. While the Lion Guild will use the lions, the cirque still handles all big cats brought into the city. They have to be inspected properly by our cat handlers and also blessed by priests. If they’re not inspected or blessed, they’re here illegally and the courts then decide what to do with them. What did the courts decide last time this happened?” Adira turned to Layla.

Layla shrugged. “I recall cutting off a lot of tiger heads. It was a shame.”

“But, not a waste. The meat fed the army for a time. They were all infused with the spirit of tigers,” Ashni said.

The giant’s face drained of color as his mouth fell open.


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