Works and Days by Hesiod

Works and Days by Hesiod

Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9780141970660
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
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He spoke, and all the gods obeyed their chief.

70 To Zeus’s plan, the Cripple7 right away

Modelled a modest maiden out of clay;

Clear-eyed Athena dressed her, cinched her waist,

And Lady Sweet-talk and the Graces placed

Gold jewels upon her, and the fair-tressed Hours

Wreathed her all about with springtime flowers,

And Athena fitted adornment to each part.

Then Hermes Argus-killer set in her heart

Lies and wheedling words, a knack for deceit.

The design of Zeus deep-thunderer complete,

Hermes, the gods’ herald and proclaimer,

80 Gave her a voice. ‘Pandora’ he would name her,

The ‘All-endowed’, since all with an abode

On Mount Olympus had some gift bestowed

Upon her – grief for all bread-winning men.


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