World of de Wolfe Pack: Lone Wolfe (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Heirs of Titus De Wolfe Book 1) by Barbara Devlin

World of de Wolfe Pack: Lone Wolfe (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Heirs of Titus De Wolfe Book 1) by Barbara Devlin

Author:Barbara Devlin [Devlin, Barbara]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Kindle Worlds
Published: 2015-10-27T05:00:00+00:00



Perched high on a chair, and clutching a flagon of Adam’s ale, as he intended to memorize every second of the consummation and wanted naught to impair his senses, Titus rode a wave of unbridled excitement and mirth, as his men carried him to his private chambers. At the double-door ingress, Richart pounded hard and then flung open the oak panels.

“Hear ye, hear ye! The master arrives to claim his bride.” The steward stormed the solar and marched straight to the second entry, which Grisel and Mabot guarded. As the maids set ajar the inner portal, revealing Desiderata, with her flowing saffron locks draped about her shoulders, tucked in bed with the blankets to her chin, Richart raised his tankard in toast. “Sir Titus, thy wife awaits thy presence.”

A hearty cheer of approval reverberated on the walls, as the knights lowered Titus to the floor. As was expected of him, he leaped forth, charged the fray, and bounded atop the mattress. Glancing at his wife, he wrapped an arm about her, pulled her close, and pressed a kiss to her lips with a loud smack.

Another resounding shout of concordance erupted, and the drunken revelers exchanged hearty backslaps.

“All right, that is quite sufficient.” Grisel stomped and guided everyone to the exit. “Out, everyone. Thou hast witnessed what thou hast come to see, so let us offer the couple a measure of privacy.”

Soon a solemn hush fell on the room, as Titus found himself alone, at last, with his lady. When a roar of celebration echoed from the great hall, as the festivities would continue into the night, Desi flinched.

“Thou art nervous.” To delay, he stood and tended the fire. “It is perfectly natural, love.”

“I know not wherefore I suffer such apprehension, as I have known ye all my life.” Clinging to the covers, she frowned. “Mabot and Grisel just explained what we must do, in order to seal our vows, and it was quite shocking, to say the least. Forgive me, but I am not certain I can manage it, though I would not disobey ye.” Myriad emotions invested her visage, as she inclined her head. “And while I have seen ye without benefit of clothing, we were but children, and I suspect thy body hath changed much since that time.”

“Thou art correct, my angel.” He chuckled and wondered how to allay her fears and anxiety, along with his own, as her panic had worked on him in a way he could not have foreseen and flattened the particular part of his composition necessary to do the deed. “But I am not ignorant of the female anatomy, and I will please ye.”

“I beg thy pardon?” With something between a sob and a sigh, her eyes grew wide. “Thou art not a virgin? Thou hast shared with another that which is mine?”

It was too late when he realized what he just said. Titus gulped, as he knew not how to undo what he just did. “Forgive me, Desi, but it was required of me.


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