World of De Wolfe Pack: Tall, Dark & De Wolfe (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Heirs of Titus De Wolfe Book 3) by Barbara Devlin

World of De Wolfe Pack: Tall, Dark & De Wolfe (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Heirs of Titus De Wolfe Book 3) by Barbara Devlin

Author:Barbara Devlin [Devlin, Barbara]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Kindle Worlds
Published: 2018-01-29T00:00:00+00:00



September heralded autumn’s arrival with a wicked tempest, marking Titus’s first fortnight as the lord of Tharnham Castle. The day after his wedding to Rosenwyn, he departed his childhood home and commenced the long journey, during which he shared a tent and a traveling bed with his spouse, to Truro, in Cornwall, to assume control of the earldom and its stream mining industry. Thus far, he confronted little resistance from the Truronians, who seemed resigned to their position under his rule. Indeed, naught about his new role posed much difficulty or rebellion, with one exception.

His wife.

Whereas the people welcomed his protection, Rosenwyn avoided him at every turn. When he sought her company, she made excuses to avoid him. When they retired, she stacked pillows between them. When she bathed, she barred the door to their quarters. The only time she permitted him the smallest measure of her attention was when he kissed her, every morrow and eventide, and one thing was certain.

She liked his kisses.

And that gave him hope, because his sanity and his patience were wearing thin, and he developed rough spots on his left palm. If he did not claim her soon, he would go mad. So he enacted a plan, on the first sunny day since his arrival, based on his mother’s advice on how to court a virgin, and he promised himself to conquer his stubborn bride and her irrational fears.

“The horses are saddled, my lord.” Vennor, the steward who proved most loyal in his dealings with Titus, bowed. “And the cook prepared a noon meal, which I bundled with a blanket.”

“Perfect.” Just then, his beauteous bride appeared, and he admired her brown hair and burgundy, velvet gown. If only he could get beneath her skirts without terrifying her. And he cursed whatever moment of lunacy inspired him to allow her to decide when they consummated their nuptials, because she distracted him to the point that he could not stop thinking about her. “Good morrow, my lady wife.”

“My lord.” Inclining her head, she smiled. “Vennor said you wished to see me. Is everything all right? Have I done something wrong?”

“Must you always assume something is wrong, when I summon you?” Ah, she blushed, and his longsword came to attention. “I wish to inspect the tin streaming in the east moorlands, and I want you to accompany me.”

“Wherefore?” She blinked, and he could not help but laugh in the face of her confusion.

“Because I desire your company.” Titus shifted his weight. “Must I have a reason?”

“Nay, but I am confused.” That made two of them. “Would you not prefer Petroc escort you? After all, he is a man.”

“Which is wherefore I would not prefer he join me.” And her brother made no secret of his disdain for Titus, not that it mattered, because he did not consider Burville a threat. Before Rosenwyn could protest, and she excelled at that, he lifted her to the saddle of a gentle mare. During the brief tenure of their marriage,


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