Yuki's Luck (Smith Pact Duo Book 1) by Ja'Nese Dixon

Yuki's Luck (Smith Pact Duo Book 1) by Ja'Nese Dixon

Author:Ja'Nese Dixon [Dixon, Ja'Nese]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Purpose Prevails Publishing
Published: 2018-05-01T16:00:00+00:00


Dylan jumps out and reaches for my hand. We both turn towards the castle, I immediately turn my phone off. This is the type of moment you have to give your full attention.

“The castle dates back to the late 1400s. It’s technically the third castle built here and these are the original remains.” Gerald closes his door and stands beside Dylan. “Inside you can tour the castle, gardens, the Blarney Stone. It can take thirty to forty-five minutes or hours. My time is yours.”

“Knowing this one,” Dylan looks over at me, “we’ll need a couple hours.”

“Sure. I can accompany you inside.”

“I think we have it under control. I have your number if anything changes. Should I call when we’re ready?”

“No, I’ll be here with a book.” Gerald smiles and climbs back in the car.

“Ready?” I’m ready to get inside. My research this morning did this place no justice.

“Lead the way babe.” I drag him along pushing aside Impose Brew and BrandShare.

Dylan buys our tickets and we pass through the gift shop. The area before us is green and full of colorful flowers. We both have to duck to keep the trees from whacking us.

Then the sidewalk transforms into a gravel path, surrounded by plush, thick grass and aged stone. The Blarney River is our companion as we inch our way through the magnificent gardens.

“The grounds are impeccable.”

“And peaceful.” He kisses me as if he can’t help it and I kiss him back. We continue our slow tour talking about everything but work. Taking every left and right available exploring every inch until we enter the castle.

The stone is an ashen gray covered in moss. I look up and the roof is exposed. Dylan notices a sign affixed to the wall. We are standing in the Family Room and it tells of the windows and fireplaces to liven up the space.

“That’s pretty cool.” I take his outreached hand entering the castle. We move from room to room. They have updated the stairs but the beauty of the ruins are left intact. The inner area has high ceilings that are a mixture of smooth and rough textures, aged and decaying, is part of its authenticity.

Next, we climb a narrow stairway following the signs to the stone. The tight squeeze leads us to the top of the tower. I step out with Dylan’s assistance and all I see is treetops, fluffy white clouds, and endless sky.

He pulls me to him. “This puts life into perspective.”

“It does.” I wrap my arms around his waist. This brush with the beauty of the past fortifies my resolve to excel in the challenge posed by Jake and create a full life outside of work. I glance up. “I kind of like being your woman.”

“Well, I am a catch.” He winks barely holding back his smile.

I laugh and it reaches the depths of my soul echoing off the ancient castle. Heads turn in my direction and I could care less.

“Watch it buddy or I’ll throw you back out to the sea.


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